As your trusted ICT Service Provider, Syntura can offer a number of Core Services that add real value, and, more importantly reduce the total cost of procuring and delivering ICT services within your organisation.

How do we do that?

We’ve developed an approach to sourcing that helps organisations to extract the maximum value from suppliers. Using our Sourcing Services, we can show you how to gain control of your ICT sourcing.

To compliment our Sourcing Services, we can supply experienced and accomplished Program and Project Management Services, with staff trained in the latest methodologies and ready to assist you in achieving the outcomes you need.

Furthering into the delivery cycle, we can provide expert Testing Services in the form of advice, tools and personnel to ensure that the quality of your deliverables meet the high standards your customers demand. 


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Syntura can provide Strategic ICT sourcing Services to assist clients manage the 3 phases of an ICT Sourcing project. The Business Case phase, the Tender Process phase and the Transition Phase.


Finding the right testers for the job can be a time consuming exercise but is critical for ensuring success of IT Projects. Research has proven that the lack of adequate testing is one of the key contributors to project failure.


Our independent PM offering uses industry best practice ICT project management. Syntura can manage your vendor resourced projects to provide the confidence you need for a successful outcome.