Privacy Policy


Syntura Pty Ltd’s privacy policy conforms with the Privacy laws of the State of Queensland, Australia

The following information explains how Syntura Pty Ltd collects and uses information about you.

What is collected?

Information about who is accessing this site is used for statistical purposes to improve the content and availability of information on this website. We collect information on your geographic location and what pages you accessed and for how long. This information is automatically collected through internet access logs and analytical software (such as Google Analytics).

We collect any voluntarily submitted information by end users of this website and this information is used only for the purpose it was intended for at the time of submission. When we collect information through a voluntary submission, you will be informed how the information will be used and what we intend to do with the information.

How is the information I provide used?

We analyse the information automatically collected and feedback provided by those accessing the website to improve the currency, accuracy and relevance of the content provided on this website. Occasionally we will collect information for the purposes of notifying interested parties of upcoming products, events or new services that we offer and you will be informed at the time of submission that your are agreeing to accept emails or SMS notification from Syntura relating to products, events or services of interest to you.

How is my information protected?

While we take the necessary steps to secure our servers, you should be aware that the internet is largely an uncontrolled medium consisting of thousands of networks where there is potentially no security. Data being transmitted across the internet may be accessed by persons and systems other than the intended recipient of the transmission.

Will my information be shared with a third party?

Unless we expressly inform you otherwise, your information will not be disclosed to any third party.

What information do you have about me?

You are entitled by law to request us to disclose if we have information about you and to request us to correct any errors in this information. You should do this in writing by sending an email Syntura.


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